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"And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything."


I left it on the table among my best of plays
a sonnet on my lover and the apple that she ate
How could I've ever ranked her among the best of maids?
She left me to the clouds and their stormy rage.

How could she be so cruel to steal my labour’s masterpiece
on the women that were staged during previous centuries?
Oh! why women plunder hearts, I confess I do not know,
but what I wrote was pure and a timeless truth to hold...

She said: "Why not write another one,
you wrote it once write it again”
I said: "I have lived my youth before,
will reliving that make me a man?"

I remember her reply, her long and loveless sigh
Will she ever even wonder why I wrote these 14 lines?
I let her have my words but I riddled her at this:
"If no one reads my words please tell me, do they exist?"

She said: "Why not write another one,
you wrote it once why not again?"
I said: "I have lived my life before,
and reliving that will never end."


from 155, track released November 14, 2011
Music and Arrangements by AlascA
Words: Frank Bond
Produced by AlascA and Alan Branch
Bass guitar: Martin Tol
Brass: London Brass
Special Thanks to Wenceslas for the Art-work.



all rights reserved


AlascA Amsterdam, Netherlands

AlascA decided to welcome the best of country music to its sound to evolve into what they call European Country. The result is Prospero, an album that reveals an expanded rich and rawer palette that includes mariachi trumpets, slide guitars and Morricone-influenced production elements. AlascA's Prospero is a truly enchanting return and a triumphant follow-up to its widely acclaimed debut. OUT NOW! ... more

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